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How we started

At the 1998 USMC/Combat Helicopter Association Reunion many of the Marines ask where they could get a squadron patch from their Vietnam squadrons 1962 to 1975. Since it had been over 25 years since the last Marines left Vietnam we had the squadron insignia of the 27 Marine Helicopter Squadrons that served in Vietnam made for sale.

As the years went by we started getting request from Marines that served in fixed wing squadrons, ground, and support units. We also started to hear from World War II, Korea, and post Vietnam Veterans about getting patches from their time on active and reserve duty.

We now have more than 1117 unit insignia and patches for sale. We now supply several active duty and reserve squadrons with their squadron patches.

Our Patches

All the patches we sell are regulation size; (3½ to 5 inches, most are about 4 inches) extra thick and made to the highest standards.

Father and Son
Iraq 1991

1st Lt. Allyn Hinton
Vietnam 1970

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